Candidates for the 2024 Board of GPTA Ltd t/as GPSA

At this year’s Annual General Meeting of GPTA Ltd, three (3) positions are vacant through the requirement of director rotation under the Constitution.

Continued interest in participating in the little organisation making a large impact has led to a total of eight (8) GPSA members nominating as directors of the GPTA Board for 2024. These candidates are listed alphabetically below.

Click on each name to learn more about the nominee:

  1. Dr Kevin ArlettGP Supervisor
  2. Mrs Leonie ChamberlainPractice Manager
  3. Mr Jon ErwinPractice Manager
  4. Dr Jonathan (Casey) GoingGP Supervisor
  5. Dr Eldon Lyon – GP Supervisor
  6. Dr Francesco (Frank) Malderi – GP Supervisor
  7. Dr Nicholas (Nick) Tellis – GP Supervisor
  8. Dr Shea Wilcox – GP Supervisor

Voting for directors will take place via Zoom poll during the AGM on Monday 13th November between 7.30pm and 8.00pm AEDT. Each ordinary member will be permitted up to three votes.

If you are unable to attend the online AGM to place your vote in person, you may appoint a proxy – whom you can either require to vote according to your pre-defined choices or allow the freedom to vote as they choose to do on your behalf.

Date reviewed: 22 October 2023

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