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Dr Shea runs a busy medical practice in the Inner North of Melbourne, with a focus on high-quality patient care, medical education to a high number of GP Registrars, and minimally invasive surgical techniques. After working in a variety of metro and rural hospitals throughout Australia during his early medical career, he passed his GP Fellowship exams and became Ships Doctor on the Greenpeace icebreaker, the Arctic Sunrise. Following this reasonably brief life at sea he founded a medical clinic in Melbourne, completed his PhD, and undertook training in the UK in minimally invasive surgical techniques. He now spends most of his days helping train GP Registrars, seeing patients and running around staying on top of his academic roles.

Tell us a bit about yourself

As a passionate medical educator for a number of years, I am eager to contribute to the ongoing training and education of GP Registrars.

I have a broad range of clinical medical experience, as well as academic roles, including as current PhD supervisor and conjoint lecturer. I have also been involved in a number of board positions and can contribute my experience from these roles.
I am enthusiastic when it comes to teaching, I have helped compile medical education material in the past for university medical curriculum, and I have a long history of GP Registrar education.

I am passionate about contributing to helping further raise the profile of GPTA Ltd through grassroots membership drives and raising awareness through GP Registrar avenues. I can contribute my energies and be led by the strategy of the board and help with ongoing engagement of both Registrars and Supervisors.

I think this is a valuable and necessary organisation providing essential stewardship and assistance for Supervisors, and it should be recognised as such at a national level.

Date reviewed: 30 November 2023

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