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Kevin is a GP, GP supervisor, ME and training practice owner whose involvement in medical education spans more than 3 decades, including a period as Area Regional Coordinator for the RACGP in the original iteration of College-led training.

Apart from contributing to the GPSA Board since 2017, Kevin has also served on the state bodies of General Practice Queensland (GPQ) as a Director and Chairman, and as a Director and the GPQ representative on Health Workforce Queensland for 3 years; and has been a Director of the Australian General Practice Alliance (AGPA) since 2018; a Director of Resile Health Townsville since 2018; Chair of Smart Arm Pty Ltd since 2016; and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) since 2009.

Kevin often speaks at conferences and events, especially around his experience as a high-level sports doctor – having been team physician for Australian Olympic athletics and soccer teams, A league soccer team North Queensland Fury, and national and international rugby teams.

"As the current Chair of GPTA/GPSA I wish to further advance the good work that has already been undertaken. GPSA is becoming a more respected and valued organisation, even though it is such a small organisation. There is a good Board and excellent staff, and I would personally like to see the trajectory that we are on continue into the future. We are really representing Supervisors well and continue to add to the education, support, advocacy, and research around GP Supervision. The inclusion of Practice Managers as full members last year was a major step forward in the recognition that Supervision includes the whole Practice, rather than just the GP Supervisor themselves. The GPCLE is a quality tool that we are rolling out across Supervising Practices, and we are developing an evaluation tool that will lay behind the usage of this, I would really like to see this rolled out further.
"I have extensive Corporate Governance experience and am a fellow of the AICD. I have worked on various Boards related to Health for most of my working Career, at various levels from Divisions of General Practice, Hospital Board, RACGP State Committees, etc and currently as Chair of a National Peak Organisation, GPSA. I would like to continue to contribute to this Board, hopefully being able to continue in my role as Chair."

Date reviewed: 27 October 2023

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