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After commencing her professional career as an accountant with KPMG, Leonie moved into working in the general practice sphere in 2001.

Leonie assists with not only the day to day running but also the development of strategic and business plans for 3 separately accredited practices in Blackburn – supporting 24 GPs in the running of their own businesses.

Leonie is passionate about supporting Supervision teams to ensure they are able to provide the best General Practice experience to Registrars: the future of Primary Care.

Tell us a bit about yourself

In September 2019, I was approached by the then Chair, Dr Gerard Connors.

The Board was after a Practice Manager perspective, something that had been missing until then. I was appointed 2 months after that initial discussion.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Board – and have been mentored and supported through the first few years by some amazing people.

After a nervous start, I no longer have imposter syndrome. I know that I have value to add. I have a greater understanding of not only the organisation, but also the sector in which we operate, than I did when I was first appointed.

I still have more to give – after finding my feet in my first appointed term, I believe that in my most recent term I expanded my contributions as I found my voice and my place on the Board. I believe that the best from me is still to come – as I grow and develop as a Director, the organisation benefits.

I also believe that the organisation is in a position to make a greater impact than ever before – without the RTOs, GPSA is a prominent player in this space and I truly believe we have an opportunity to impact the future of general practice – and therefore the health and welfare of our communities – something that I believe in and want to be a part of.

As a working Practice Manager, I come from a unique position – being able to understand the challenges and concerns of Practice Managers, supervisors AND registrars.

With 22 years of experience – involved in running 3 practices from which 24 GPs and numerous specialist and allied health professionals consult, I have been involved with the sector in numerous situations – mentoring other

Practice Managers, presenting to Registrars, Practice Managers and other groups on behalf of RTOs and the RACGP.

I have also experienced the highs and lows of Registrar placements – supporting those who are struggling – either with exam pressures (and unfavourable results) celebrating successes, supporting Supervisors who are experiencing challenges and balancing the needs of the Registrar and the needs of the organisation.

An understanding of the operational challenges faced by our members allows me to provide a valuable perspective to the Board as they set the strategic direction of the organisation – so important in this new environment in which the sector finds itself.

As a CPA, I am financially literate and understand the legal requirements in respect to financial responsibility and organisational governance.

I have assisted other Board members to improve their financial literacy – to assist them in meeting their director responsibilities. I will continue to offer this support and guidance to Board members until they too feel that they have enough understanding of the organisations finances to meet their legal obligations.

I am happy to play Devil’s Advocate – whilst maintaining respectful conversations with others. Taking this role is challenging, however it is an important one – ensuring that all voices are heard and all perspectives are aired.

Having maintained the relationships formed over many years with past RTO staff who are now staff members of the RACGP. This provides a great opportunity to access information and pathways that may take others longer to obtain.

As a CPA, I bring with me both financial literacy and business management experience.

I am currently Chair of the GPTA Ltd FARMG (Finance, Audit, Risk Management and Governance) committee. In this role, I oversee the preparation of accounts and reports for the Board. I am actively involved in the preparation of Budgets – for both the organisation as a whole as well as stand alone projects that are undertaken.

If elected, I see myself continuing in my role on the FARMG committee – whether as Chair or in a supporting role – taking responsibility for one of the portfolios. I would like to pass on the skills and knowledge that I have acquired – and act as a mentor for other, newer Board members.

I am familiar with the requirements of the ACNC – Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission – as well as having experience with ASIC regulations and accounting standards. I believe that I bring a ‘package’ to the Board that would be difficult to replicate.

Date reviewed: 27 October 2023

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