GPTA Ltd trading as General Practice Supervision Australia (GPSA) is a passionate community supported by a dedicated team, which is in turn guided by an experienced Board of Directors elected by and from the community.

Commonwealth funding for specific AGPT grant activities allows GPSA to support supervision in all its many forms, with a core focus on the supervisors, practice managers and training practices developing tomorrow’s general practitioners (GPs) and rural generalists (RGs).

These four words encapsulate what GPSA stands for. These are the core values that have guided the organisation through growth and change, challenge and celebration, and will continue to do so into the future.

If our values are the “how”… The “what” of GPSA’s mission can be described as striving to nurture the passion that drives the GP training sector through service, support, research, innovation, education and advocacy.
The “why” of GPSA’s VISION is the singular goal we work towards tirelessly: to be the voice of a thriving GP training sector that is united, suitably recognised, rewarded, and respected as the cornerstone of this nation’s healthcare system.

Where We Direct Our Focus


GPSA is a membership organisation representing some 10,000 contributors to GP / RG training.

Membership is completely free, and includes access to a virtual Community of Practice to enhance peer-to-peer connectivity and support for the GPs, RGs, practice owners and practice managers who continue to make clinical training in the GP environment the most effective means of preserving high quality, patient-centered healthcare for future generations.

GPSA is Australia’s national peak body for GP / RG supervisors and training practices.

This means we draw on our members’ feedback and requests to advocate for improved conditions for the beginning, middle and most importantly the end-point of training: recognising sustainability and professional satisfaction as the key drivers in delivering best practice supervision and attracting more doctors to this amazing medical specialty.

GPSA’s dedicated team is focused on empowering the people and businesses responsible for training the next generation of GPs and RGs:

      • with best practice educational and HR resources
      • by advocating on our members’ behalf
      • by undertaking research to drive improvements in the sector
      • by drawing on interactions with our members to shape policy

Date reviewed: 04 January 2024

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