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Casey is a newly fellowed GP, currently working at Condamine Medical Centre. His professional journey has been driven by a passion for healthcare, and he has dedicated himself to the field of general practice.

Casey has cultivated expertise in Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) billings and advocating for fair remuneration for his fellow practitioners. He pursues this work through his association with Business For Doctors (“BFD”). His commitment to excellence in medicine is underscored by completing an MBA and his association with the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators via his recent scholarship for the associate FRACMA program. These experiences have polished his leadership skills, positioning him to contribute meaningfully to the healthcare community.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am motivated to nominate as a member of the GPTA Ltd Board by a profound passion for advancing the field of general practice in Australia. As a General Practitioner with extensive experience, I have witnessed the unique challenges and opportunities within the profession. Serving on the GPTA Ltd Board would provide me with a platform to actively contribute to the betterment of general practice. I am particularly driven by the opportunity to improve Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) billings and advocate for equitable remuneration for my fellow general practitioners. These issues are central to the financial sustainability and well-being of the entire general practice community, and I am committed to working diligently to address them effectively.

Furthermore, my interest in fostering a supportive environment for junior doctors to consider general practice as a career adds another layer of motivation. I firmly believe that general practice offers an enriching and flexible career, and I am enthusiastic about encouraging the next generation of doctors to choose this path. By serving on the GPTA Ltd Board, I would have the chance to shape policies and initiatives that promote general practice as an attractive and viable career option. This alignment with my values and aspirations makes me eager to be nominated as a board member and actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of the general practice field in Australia.

To support the GPSA (General Practice Supervisors Australia) community effectively, I would leverage my expertise in general practice, along with my leadership and advocacy skills. This experience enables me to provide valuable insights and guidance to GPSA members, particularly in strengthening Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) billings and ensuring equitable remuneration for all general practitioners. My involvement in the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators as well as my Masters of Business Administration has further sharpened my leadership and organisational skills, which I believe would be instrumental in advocating for the interests of GPSA members and the broader general practice community.

Furthermore, I have a passion for encouraging junior doctors to pursue a career in general practice. This enthusiasm stems from the flexibility and diverse opportunities that a career in general practice offers. I have created a workshop for GP registrars, preparing them for their transition into general practice. I have also created a new fellow workshop for post exams doctors to aid with the move into consultancy. Through my workshops and mentoring experiences, I have been able to guide and inspire junior doctors, helping them make a seamless transition into the field. These workshops cover critical topics such as insurance, accounting structures, superannuation, and the basics of general practice, with a focus on optimising MBS billings, which are essential for a successful and fulfilling career. By sharing this knowledge, I hope to contribute to a stronger, more confident general practice community, which is aligned with the goals of GPSA in fostering excellence in medical education and training.

In the governance of GPTA Ltd as a membership organisation and national peak body, I envision myself taking on a multifaceted role that capitalises on my skills and experiences. Firstly, I see myself as a passionate advocate for the interests of general practitioners across Australia. Given my background in general practice, including my experience in Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) billings, I would actively contribute to shaping policies and strategies that ensure fair remuneration for our members. Specifically I would like to encourage education around the MBS so that both supervisors and registrars benefit. I would like this to be a win-win-win scenario whereby registrars are able to bill appropriately for their skills and be fairly remunerated and supervisors are then able to spend more time with registrars given they are billing well from then they start general practice. Likewise, by encouraging appropriate billing, this would enhance the reputation of general practice so that it can be seen as a well remunerated speciality. I would also work to enhance the reputation and influence of GPTA Ltd on a national scale, making it a trusted voice in the healthcare community.

Secondly, I would play a crucial role in fostering an environment that encourages junior doctors to consider general practice as a rewarding career choice. Through my expertise and experience, I would support the development of initiatives and programs that attract and guide aspiring doctors into the field of general practice. By actively engaging with medical students and junior doctors, I would promote the wealth of opportunities and flexibility that a career in general practice offers. Overall, I see my role as a bridge between the seasoned practitioners and the future generation, helping GPTA Ltd fulfill its mission as a national peak body, advocating for the betterment of general practice in Australia.

"One of my most fulfilling roles is encouraging the next generation of doctors to consider general practice as a rewarding career. Through educational workshops and mentoring, I have had the privilege of guiding junior doctors, ensuring a seamless transition into the field. I believe in promoting the flexibility and diverse opportunities that a career in general practice offers. My multifaceted contributions in leadership, advocacy, and education reflect my vision for a stronger and more supported general practice community. I am deeply committed to making a lasting impact on the medical landscape in Australia."

Date reviewed: 27 October 2023

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