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Jon is currently Business Manager at a GP practice in Launceston, Tasmania. He holds a Master of Business and Bachelor of Business from Charles Sturt University.

Jon is a Fellow with AAPM and currently a Director, having served as National President and Chair from 2020 – 2023. He is also a member of the AICD.

Jon has a varied work experience, having worked in a range of private and public sector organisations, such as:

  • Manager Business Operations at DCHS – Housing Division
  • Production Manager with ABC Television
  • Accountant with Festival of Sydney.

Apart from this, he has also gained strong community involvement through his association with the Launceston PCYC (Police Community Youth Club) where he has served as President for the past 6 years.

Tell us a bit about yourself

In my role as a Business Manager at a GP practice and as a Director of a National practice management membership organisation with a specific focus on the health industry, I believe that joining GPTA would provide me with a fresh perspective and a deeper understanding of the issues within this field.

It would also allow me to bring another perspective and experience to the GPTA Board as I come from the administration side dealing with the engagement and integration of registrars within a practice, our supervisors and systems. I have actively addressed the various challenges and concerns related to attracting and retaining registrars, and this experience would contribute to shaping the strategic direction of GPTA.

I would leverage my experience working with AAPM as a National Peak organisation, where I have gained valuable insights into providing support and advocating for our members. My expertise extends to understanding how to effectively offer support and education across diverse and varied locations, adapting to the various situations in which our members operate.

My background encompasses working in a wide array of organisations and industries, providing me with a broad foundation of experience from which to draw. This diverse experience equips me with a well-rounded perspective which would help to contribute to GPTA’s objectives.

I understand the need to have effective reporting and controls in place to ensure organisations meet their legislative obligations as well as safeguarding the organisation. It has been my experience that in any organisation the leadership shown by the board is instrumental in improving the effectiveness of an organisation. This includes ensuring roles and responsibilities are clearly defined along with a detailed level of accountabilities.

Having served as an AAPM Board Director since 2018, including my tenure as National President and Chair from 2020 to 2023, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of AAPM’s operations and the duties and responsibilities of Board Directors. My experience has underscored the significance of maintaining the confidentiality of board deliberations, as well as encouraging diverse input to gather alternative perspectives.

I have gained insight into some of the potential pitfalls that may arise from ineffective governance, accountability, and management structures. The repercussions of inadequate governance can be detrimental to an organisations operation and potentially leaving it vulnerable to legal issues. This experience has emphasised the importance of open and transparent communication with members and other stakeholders to mitigate misinformation and innuendo.

Date reviewed: 27 October 2023

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