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Whole-of-practice scaffolding

The supervision of registrars is a whole-of-practice endeavour. A high quality training experience will build trust and connection, greatly increasing the likelihood of the trainee staying or returning to the practice once fellowed.

So what do registrars count as important when they rank the quality of their placement experiences?

It’s not just the primary supervisor!

The registrar who feels like they are a part of the team typically credits this on the relationships they have formed with everyone in the practice – from their main supervisor and practice owner through to the reception team, nurse, non-supervising GPs, other allied health professionals, and of course their patients. At the heart of this is their relationship with the practice manager, whose role is central to setting expectations, enhancing the registrar’s understanding of the business of general practice, and building trust through open and transparent communication.

GPSA’s employment tools, supports and resources are constantly evolving to streamline the job of the practice manager overseeing a registrar placement. If any of the resources you need are missing or due for updating, please reach out to Carla so this can be resolved!

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Date reviewed: 02 October 2023

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