Teaching and Learning 

The role of learning facilitator and teacher are probably the most apparent of all the GP supervisor’s roles.

Quality of teaching is enhanced by a knowledge of the principles of adult learning, appreciation of different teaching methods, a clear understanding of the curriculum and a passion for teaching.

The GP supervisor can support the teaching role by fostering a “culture of learning” in the practice.
This includes providing ready access to appropriate resources and reference materials, and active involvement of the whole team in registrar training.
Discover GPSA’s top three tips to effective teaching and learning in this 90 second video:

Helping your registrar plan their learning

"What do I teach?"

Ideally “what to teach” is closely matched to what the registrar needs to learn.

Learning needs identification is the process of using tolls and methods to uncover the learning needs of the registrar, both known and unknown.

These include clinical topics, as well as other domains of practice such as professionalism, communication skills, and organisational skills.

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Teaching your registrar

"How do I teach?"

Teaching in a general practice setting as part of vocational training comprises two distinct but overlapping approaches – ‘informal’ and ‘formal’ teaching.

Informal teaching (also known as corridor or ad hoc teaching) is usually brief, unplanned, and opportunistic, and occurs in response to the registrar seeking assistance during the patient encounter.

Formal teaching is the dedicated, quarantined, structured form of teaching. There are a wide range of possible teaching methods that the GP supervisor can employ as part of practice-based teaching.

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Date reviewed: 26 September 2023

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