Scenario - the mobile app

Introducing Scenario, the mobile app: a toolbox for medical supervisors

What is Scenario?

Scenario is a mobile app providing users with the ultimate multi-topic toolbox! It’s a new way to access the tools every supervisor needs.

Perfect for educators and supervisors of medical students, junior doctors and GP trainees. 

Scenario is entirely free to download and comes with 5 flashcards for each topic that you can continue to use (free) forever.

When you are ready to access the full suite of scenarios for the category – the equivalent of 5 separate GPSA tools, such as “Shades of Grey” ethical dilemmas -,  for a low annual fee you can subscribe following the prompts or by choosing “Subscription” via the Settings menu on the app. Making it even more affordable, you only need to log onto your free account on the GPSA Community platform to find this month’s Member PromoCode on the landing page. Adding this to the subscription page when prompted will give you access to a substantial discount.

Equip yourself with the Scenario App today for more robust teaching, and a better medical training and learning experience.

How does it work?

Scenario is an app for use on your mobile phone.

The scenarios are presented as flashcards under a growing number of categories including General Practice, Emergency Medicine and Paediatrics.

Each card on the Scenario app has both nuanced and explicit educational value. The randomly selected scenario raises one or more questions, challenging the student/trainee to apply their accumulated knowledge while teasing out the possibilities with their medical supervisor.

There are no answers provided, inviting robust discussion and investigation of a wide variety of considerations. This has the added benefit of making the app as applicable to the Australian context as to any other part of the world.

This is amazing - GPSA's resources have been central to my supervision of registrars for years, but this takes it to a whole new level!

How can it help educators?

Scenario is designed to improve the medical trainee’s clinical reasoning.

Perfect for educators and supervisors wanting to expand their teaching resources.

It’s easy and convenient to access – never too far away, in your pocket, workbag or on your desk.

Follow the prompts and start using it within minutes.

Wow! GPSA has just taken all the pain out of planning next semester's sessions with my medical students!

Where do I find the Scenario App?

Scenario is now available to download from your iTunes and Android Playstores. 

Android users please note:
The Android store makes things tricky… Until we hit 5,000 downloads, the app may not show when you search for it.
Anyone not on iPhone can directly download Scenario to their Android device here.

Date reviewed: 27 December 2023

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