Supervision Resources collated by Topic

Learning Environment

The Learning EnvironmentFAQ
Vertical and horizontal learning integration in general practiceGuide

Are they safe in there – clinical supervision and RCA Webinar
‘Call for help’ listWebinar
Patient boundariesWebinar
Supervision planTool
Supervision in After-Hours Environments in General PracticeGuide and Tool
Patient Safety IncidentsTeaching Plan

Alone: General PracticeWebinar, Podcast, Article and Resources
Best Practice Supervision in general practice – a refresherWebinar
Clinical Supervision – Keeping Your Registrar Safe and SupportedWebinar, Podcast and Resources
Helping your registrar manage challenging patients Part 1Webinar, Podcast and Resources
Helping your registrar manage challenging patients Part 2Webinar, Podcast and Resources
How can GP supervisors better facilitate reflective practice in their registrars?Webinar and Podcast
Introduction to GP supervision – roles, responsibilities and rewardsWebinar and FAQ
Managing UncertaintyWebinar and Podcast
Problem Case Discussion – As Easy As PQRSTWebinar and Podcast
Supporting Your Registrar To Practice Evidence Based MedicineWebinar and Podcast
Teaching Clinical Reasoning in general practiceGuide
Teaching and Learning Priorities in the First Weeks of General PracticeWebinar and Podcast and Resources
The New Supervisor Guide to Best Practice Supervision in general practiceGuide and FAQ
The (Not So) Simple ConsultationWebinar and Podcast
Training in Poorly Resourced EnvironmentsWebinar and Podcast
What’s new for RACGP supervisors in 2024Webinar and Podcast

Clinical Reasoning in general practice Guide, Webinar, FAQ, Podcast and How To… resource
Consultation analysis and feedback Webinar and FAQ
Follow Up and Safety Netting Teaching Plan
Health Education, Brief Intervention and Motivational InterviewingTeaching Plan
History TakingTeaching Plan
Managing Uncertainty in General PracticeGuide, Webinar, FAQ and Teaching Plan
Patient-Centred Care Teaching Plan
Physical ExaminationTeaching Plan
Polypharmacy & DeprescribingTeaching Plan
Preventative Health and ScreeningTeaching Plan
Quality Medical RecordsTeaching Plan
Prescribing Mechanics Teaching Plan
Rational Prescribing in general practiceGuide and Teaching Plan
Rational Test OrderingTeaching Plan
Telehealth Consultation – how to conductWebinar and FAQ
Telehealth consultations – AssessmentWebinar and FAQ
Time ManagementTeaching Plan
Writing Quality ReferralsTeaching Plan

Helping your registrar plan their learningGuide, Webinar, FAQ and 4R Learning Needs Assessment Tool
Teaching and learning in general practice planningWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Practice-Based Teaching in General PracticeGuide
Formal teaching and problem case discussionWebinar, FAQ, Podcast and How To… resource
Ad hoc supervision and informal teachingWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Observing your registrar – refining your skills webinar and FAQWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Teaching Professionalism in General PracticeGuide
Teaching professional and ethical practice Webinar, FAQ, Podcast and Teaching Plan
Random Case Analysis in General PracticeGuide and How To… resource

Helping registrars shine – performance issues Webinar, FAQ and Podcast
Giving Effective Feedback in general practiceGuide and How To… resource
Identifying and Supporting GP Registrars at RiskGuide

Doctors’ Health and Self-CareTeaching Plan
Identifying and Supporting GP Registrars at RiskGuide
Identifying and Supporting GP Supervisors in DifficultyGuide and FAQ

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health assessmentsTeaching Plan
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in general practiceGuide
Culturally Safe GP registrar supervision – decolonisation and a strengths-based approachWebinar and Podcast
Identifying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander statusTeaching Plan
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander telehealth consultations Webinar and FAQ
Best practice Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health part 1Webinar and Podcast
Best practice Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health part 2Webinar and Podcast
Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their healthTeaching Plan
Teaching yourself and your registrar about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthPodcast and FAQ

LGBTQIA+ Health and Inclusive Healthcare in General Practice An Introduction to Teaching and LearningGuide, Webinar, FAQ and Podcast

Supervising the International Medical Graduate (IMG) GP RegistrarGuide, Webinar, FAQ and Podcast
IMG Registrar Self-AssessmentTool
IMG Registrar Supervisor AssessmentTool

Bridging the Gap between Assessment and PracticeWebinar and Podcast
Preparing GP Registrars for the Key Feature Problem (KFP) examFAQ
RACGP Clinical Competency Exams (CCEs)Webinar and FAQ
Registrar ExaminationsFAQ
StAMPS Assessment PreparationFAQ
Study Skills for GP Registrars: Studying Smarter, Not HarderGuide and Webinar
Supporting GP Registrars who have failed an ExamWebinar and FAQ
Supporting RACGP registrars with Preparation for the AKT and KFPWebinar and FAQ

Clinical TopicsCatalogue
Abdominal PainTeaching Plan
Abnormal Liver Function TestsTeaching Plan
Abnormal Uterine BleedingTeaching Plan
AcneTeaching Plan
Acute BronchitisTeaching Plan
Acute MonoarthritisTeaching Plan
Addiction MedicineWebinar
Adolescent HealthTeaching Plan
Advanced Care PlanningWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Allergic RhinitisTeaching Plan
Antenatal CareTeaching Plan
Antibiotic PrescribingTeaching Plan
AnxietyTeaching Plan
AsthmaTeaching Plan
Atrial FibrillationTeaching Plan
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Webinar, FAQ, Podcast and Teaching Plan
Back painTeaching Plan
Behavioural Issues in ChildrenWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Breast LumpsTeaching Plan
CellulitisTeaching Plan
Chest PainTeaching Plan
Child AbuseTeaching Plan
Childhood TraumaWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Chronic Kidney DiseaseTeaching Plan
Chronic PainWebinar and Podcast
Coeliac DiseaseTeaching Plan and FAQ
Common Infections part 1Webinar, FAQ and Podcast
Common Infections part 2Webinar, FAQ and Podcast
ContraceptionTeaching Plan, Webinar, FAQ and Podcast
COPDTeaching Plan
CoughTeaching Plan
DepressionTeaching Plan
Depression in Young PeopleWebinar and FAQ
DermatitisTeaching Plan
DermatologyWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Diabetes Type 2 – Screening, Diagnosis And AssessmentTeaching Plan
Diabetes Type 2 – ManagementTeaching Plan
Diagnostic ErrorsTeaching Plan
DiarrhoeaTeaching Plan
Disability careWebinar, FAQ, Podcast and Teaching Plan
Diverticular DiseaseTeaching Plan
DizzinessTeaching Plan
DyslipidaemiaTeaching Plan
EndometriosisTeaching Plan, Webinar and FAQ
Erectile DysfunctionTeaching Plan
FatigueTeaching Plan
Fatty Liver DiseaseTeaching Plan
Fever in ChildrenTeaching Plan
Fitness To DriveTeaching Plan
Foot and AnkleTeaching Plan
Genomics in general practiceTeaching Plan
GORDTeaching Plan
GoutTeaching Plan
HaematuriaTeaching Plan
Hand and WristTeaching Plan
HeadacheTeaching Plan
Heart FailureTeaching Plan
Hepatitis CTeaching Plan
Hereditary HaemochromatosisTeaching Plan
HIV Webinar, FAQ and Podcast
HypertensionTeaching Plan
ImmunisationTeaching Plan
Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseTeaching Plan
InsomniaTeaching Plan
Intimate Partner ViolenceTeaching Plan
Irritable Bowel SyndromeTeaching Plan
Knee PainTeaching Plan
Leg UlcersTeaching Plan
Long COVIDWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
LUTS For MenTeaching Plan
LymphadenopathyTeaching Plan
MedicareTeaching Plan
Men’s HealthWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
MenopauseTeaching Plan
Mental HealthWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Multiple MyelomaTeaching Plan
Neck PainTeaching Plan
Nocturnal EnuresisTeaching Plan
Non-Melanoma Skin CancerTeaching Plan
OsteoarthritisTeaching Plan
OsteoporosisTeaching Plan
Otitis MediaTeaching Plan
Overweight and ObesityWebinar, FAQ, Podcast and Teaching Plan
Peripheral NeuropathyTeaching Plan
Peripheral OedemaTeaching Plan
Peripheral Vascular DiseaseTeaching Plan
Pigmented Skin LesionsTeaching Plan
PolyarthritisTeaching Plan
Polymyalgia RheumaticaTeaching Plan
Prenatal ScreeningWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
RACF CareWebinar, FAQ, Podcast and Teaching Plan
Red EyeTeaching Plan
SepsisTeaching Plan
Shoulder PainTeaching Plan
SinusitisTeaching Plan
Smoking CessationTeaching Plan
Sore Throat Teaching Plan
STIsWebinar, FAQ, Podcast and Teaching Plan
Superficial BursitisTeaching Plan
Thyroid DiseaseTeaching Plan
TIA & StrokeTeaching Plan
TinnitusTeaching Plan
Upper Respiratory Tract InfectionTeaching Plan
Urinary IncontinenceTeaching Plan
Urinary Tract InfectionTeaching Plan
Veteran’s HealthWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Viral IllnessTeaching Plan
Vitamin B12 DeficiencyTeaching Plan
Workers CompensationWebinar, Podcast and Teaching Plan

Date reviewed: 09 September 2023

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