Medical Student Supervision

Welcome to the GPSA Medical Student Supervisor’s toolbox!
Learning in General Practice
Learning in the general practice setting links application of knowledge and skills to patient care and motivates students to embrace self-directed learning. But more than that, through exposure to general practice as a professional environment with strong community connectivity, students will have the opportunity to envisage the exciting, varied and rewarding career they could have as a GP or rural generalist.
The toolbox
This toolbox is a repository of useful references and resources for supervisors of medical students in general practice.
Please review the Supervision Resources page for a range of other resources. It is hoped that this supervision toolbox will be useful to all practices involved in medical student education, that it will act as a guide for practices newly hosting medical students, and as a refresher for those more experienced ones already playing a part in student education.

Date reviewed: 19 July 2024

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