Why is GPSA concerned about the new payroll tax ruling in QLD?

Your say in whether the new QLD SRO ruling poses a threat for GP training

GPSA represents GP supervisors and training practices, without whom the future for the general practice specialty would be very bleak.

By extension, any threat to the profession that poses a threat to GPs who supervise, and the training practices that offer employment to registrars through their training, is of major concern to GPSA.

If this payroll tax threat results in a mass departure of GPs from the specialty, inevitably there will be a great many experienced GP/RG supervisors amongst them.

If registrars find themselves impacted by a shrinking pool of supervisors, extra pressure on practice workforce with departing GPs, and/or heightened tensions in the training practice as new structures and systems are rushed into place to mitigate the likely effect of the payroll tax ruling, this will undermine the sustainability of GP training and in turn the profession. So this is what is making GPSA concerned.  

Through this rapidly-implemented, quick member survey, our goal was to give your individual voices the volume of this community of practice, loudly adding the unique and very important perspective to the College and AMA discussions with state and federal governments on this issue.   

When the announcement came through that there’d be no retrospective application under a so-called ‘amnesty’, it could be argued that three minutes of your time made a mighty big difference.

Read here how your voice on this issue was interpreted in the ongoing media coverage.

Summary of Rapid Survey - January 2023

Date reviewed: 29 September 2023

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