Teaching Plans

GPSA Teaching Plans and clinical reasoning challenges are developed by GP Supervisors and Medical Educators. They are diagnoses intended to support the teaching of the topics listed and to test knowledge and applications of same.

Please note, once downloaded or printed these resources may no longer be up to date, so for quality control purposes you should constantly refer back to this website for the most current version.
All GPSA resources can be printed out, emailed, used on a tablet or from a computer prior to, during or after your teaching session to enhance learning.
Registrars who use these resources are in no way guaranteed success in subsequent attempts at passing college fellowship examinations.

GPSA Guide to educational resources

A guide for navigating GPSA’s educational resources related to GP supervision, teaching, assessment and clinical content categorised by ICPC2 body system chapter headings, 30 most frequently managed reasons for encounter, 20 most frequent problems and RACGP high risk areas.


Date reviewed: 06 April 2024

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