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Mt Beauty GP Supervisor Dr Libby Garoni was recognised with a Recognition of Service award from GP Supervisors Australia (GPSA) in May 2021 for her outstanding contribution to Mt Beauty and the surrounding community nurturing the next generation of GPs. Libby was born and bred in the Kiewa Valley, has previously worked in Paediatrics and also has a Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Her recognition award from GPSA recognises 17 years of supervising GPs in the Mount Beauty practice, passing on her wealth of knowledge.

recognition of service

GPSA Reward and Recognition program

The GPSA reward and recognition program recognises the hard work and dedication of GP supervisors. If you are are a GP supervisor with over 10 years of supervising experience, we would like to recognise your dedication to nurturing the next generation of family practitioners. To nominate, you must be accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and/or the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) to train GP registrars engaged within the Australian General Practice Training program.

Nominated GP supervisors will receive:

  • Recognition of Service Award
  • ‘Training Practice is a Quality Practice’ Poster
  • Media release advising local MPs and your local media of your service to the community

To nominate a GP supervisor or yourself please click the button below

GP Supervisor Profile – Dr Libby Garoni

What rewards do you see from GP Supervision ?

It helps to make me a better doctor as I need to describe what I’m doing and why. It also builds team bonds and team relationships. Good medicine is about being part of a team and the friendships I have established have made it very rewarding. I remember once attending an operation for my daughter and one of the doctors remembered me from supervising them many years earlier. Meeting people down the track who you have previously supported like this is a very rewarding experience. I expect to go on supervising as part of my normal work as a General Practitioner well into the future. 

What are the challenges of GP supervision?

Time management. Quality training, like quality medicine, takes time and can’t be rushed. Being a supervisor also means you must always stay up to date with current information to provide the best training possible.

How has GPSA Supported you?

I am grateful to GPSA for their support for myself as well as for practice management as a whole. Helping with resources such as contracts and allowances and keeping our Practice Manager happy have been an additional benefit. I regularly access resources and know that there is somebody there to go to if I have questions. I have found the guides and resources invaluable. GPSAs help in training and development of new registrars has always been there. 

What would you say to others considering becoming a GP supervisor?

I’d always encourage them to become a GP supervisor as it’s part of being a good GP and a really fulfilling part of what I do. It makes me a better person as well as a better doctor. It really improves relationships within the practice and I can’t imagine not doing it.

Date reviewed: 19 July 2022

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