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First Nations Health

Best Practice Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health – Part 1Webinar and Podcast
Best practice Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health – part 2Webinar and Podcast
Teaching Yourself and Your Registrar About Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HealthFAQ
Telehealth and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patientsWebinar and FAQ
Telehealth with Aboriginal patients who are hard of hearingFAQ

Consultation Skills

Assessing your registrar’s Telehealth consultationsWebinar and FAQ
Managing UncertaintyWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Patient BoundariesWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Teaching Consultation SkillsWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Teaching Professional and Ethical PracticeWebinar, FAQ and Podcast

Clinical Presentations

Addiction medicineWebinar
Advanced care planningWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Behavioural issues in childrenWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Chronic painWebinar and Podcast
Common infections part 1Webinar, FAQand Podcast
Common infections part 2Webinar, FAQ and Podcast
ContraceptionWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Depression in Young PeopleWebinar and FAQ
DermatologyWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
DementiaWebinar 1, and 2,FAQ and Podcast Part 1 and Part 2
Disability careWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
EndometriosisWebinar and FAQ
HIVWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
LGBTQIA+ inclusive healthcareWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Long COVIDWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Managing patients with a history of childhood traumaWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Managing the patient with ADHD – helping your registrar deliver best practice careWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Men’s healthWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Mental health top tipsWebinar and FAQ
Overweight and obesityWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Prenatal screeningWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
RACF careWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
STIsWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Veteran’s healthWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Workers compensationWebinar and Podcast


Ad hoc supervision and informal teachingWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Are they safe in there – clinical supervision and RCAWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Best practice supervision – a refresherWebinar and Podcast
Helping registrars shine – performance issuesWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Improve safety with a ‘call for help’ listWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Introduction to GP supervision – roles, responsibilities and rewardsWebinar and FAQ
Supervising the IMG registrarWebinar, FAQ and Podcast

Teaching, Learning, Assessment & Feedback

Clinical reasoningWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Consultation analysis and feedbackWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Formal teaching and problem case discussionWebinar and FAQ
Learning planningWebinar and FAQ
Observing your registrar – refining your skillsWebinar, FAQ and Podcast
Study skillsWebinar and Podcast
Teaching and learning in general practiceWebinar and Podcast

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Date reviewed: 09 September 2023

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