Registrar examinations

Preparation for fellowship examinations with RACGP and/or ACRRM can cause enormous stress for many registrars. As a supervisor, it is therefore essential to know how best to support your registrar, both educationally and in terms of pastoral care (stress and mental health).

Basic information on the examinations for each college can be found here:

GPSA have a number of resources which have been developed to assist supervisors to support their registrars. These include:

Supporting Your Registrar’s Preparation for the Clinical Competency Examination (CCE) FAQ

Providing info on the CCE, which is the final exam for doctors seeking fellowship with the RACGP.

Managing the stress and mental health of registrars

As a GP supervisor it is vital you teach your registrar how to manage their stress and mental health. This resource aims to help you start the conversation.

Assessing and managing registrars with performance issues to work well

This FAQ looks at early warning signs for registrar performance issues and uses a clinical approach to diagnose and manage performance issues.
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Exam preparation

  • Focus on skill development, not knowledge 
  • Teach to your strengths 
  • Consider non-clinical domains 
  • Don’t get bogged down with the format – teach generic skills 
  • Ask the registrar to document their reasoning in the notes
  • Ask the registrar to review the competency rubric and self-rate to prioritise learning needs 
  • Use the GPSA guides and teaching plans 
  • Monitor your registrar’s anxiety and stress
  • Understand what is being assessed
  • Undertake focussed practice-based teaching
  • Direct your registrar to appropriate clinical resources
  • Provide pastoral care 
  • Encourage your registrar to engage with exam preparation resources and activities and learn from their clinical exposure

Interrogating your registrar’s knowledge, skills and clinical reasoning through RCA is arguably the best way to help them with their exam preparation. The following are useful resources:

Date reviewed: 08 September 2023

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