New name, new brand

Future-proofing GPSA... and general practice

What prompted the change?

For more than a decade now, GPSA has been funded by the Australian Government as the nation’s peak organisation for GP supervisors delivering in-practice training for registrars on the Commonwealth AGPT program.

With the impact of COVID and a crippling Medicare freeze translating into a profession widely labeled as “in crisis”, in mid-2022 we realised it was time to remind the sector that GPSA is not just a peak tied to AGPT activities, but a membership body with a reach of over 10,000 participants in GP training. And these individuals deserve to have a voice.

The change in trading name was an extension of this, helping us drive home the fact we represent not only supervisors but all members of the practice team involved in training: individuals for whom we aim to provide true scaffolding in the same way that they scaffold the medical student, prevocational learner and GP-in-training. Without this amazing community, there will be no general practice in the future.

What has changed?

The new logo design is an evolution of the old logo, using similar colours, shapes and similar fonts – but modernised.

The logo’s features continue to symbolise the registrar and supervisor working together, but now goes a step further by including curves that encompass them both, symbolising the ‘wrap-around’ support, the advocacy, research, resources and community that GPSA provides: a relationship with GP supervisors, practice managers and training organisations that strives to strengthen and improve GP training in Australia now and into the future.

Reflecting a shift in priorities

The didactic relationship of supervisor / registrar has traditionally been hierarchical in nature. Representing this top-down attitude, GPSaA’s old logo suggested the supervisor as the darker blue shape, the registrar lighter.

With the shifting sands of our society, this is no longer reflective of the supervision style for adult learners. The new logo has retained the colour assignment, but now you’ll see the registrar sits on the shoulders of the supervision team: better representing how GPSA views the role of the supervisor and training practice.

Date reviewed: 02 October 2023

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