GPSA acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional and current custodians of the land upon which we work. We respect that this land always was and always will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land. Sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has never been ceded.

We pay our respect to Elders past and present, as well as all Aboriginal people who have fought, and continue to fight, for equality, self-determination, culture, Country and community.


GPSA supports health equity for all Australians, and with this, a commitment to supporting national reconciliation.

GPSA recognises the role it has in encouraging and supporting its board, staff, and members to do all that they can to close the gap in life expectancy between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous people. GPSA recognises that a cornerstone of this is building cultural competence and cultural safety within the workplace, both within GPSA and within every GP Clinical Learning Environment across the country.

A culturally safe environment, both within the workplace and nationally, is an endpoint we would like to reach. 

GPSA is on a pathway to:

  • Be culturally safe for workers and community
  • Be well connected to our local First Nations community
  • Respond to the identified needs of First Nations peoples
  • Be accessible to First Nations people and communities
  • Work in a culturally safe and appropriate manner

GPSA recognises that our Reconciliation Action Plan is an integral tool to furthering reconciliation both internally and in the GP sector in which we operate.

To view resources and information related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, visit our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health page.


Date reviewed: 09 September 2023

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