Have a say on the future of GP supervision funding

“Nothing about us without us” was the mantra Dr Louise Stone, a former Senior Medical Advisor from the Department of Health recommended as she left her role to stakeholders. Meaning decisions about the profession need to be made in consultation with the profession.

Now GP supervisors are being given an opportunity to have a say on how GP supervision could be funded in the future.

GP Supervisors Australia has been asked by the Australian Government to review funding for GP supervision as it now stands and develop a range of alternative models designed to improve support to GP supervisors.

Stage one of the project will give the Government a greater understanding of how current supervisory arrangements operate within practices including supervisor payments in Australia.

Stage two will provide a range of options to improve and streamline supervisor support mechanisms that could be further investigated by the Department of Health.

“This is an important opportunity to have some input into how funding for the GP training model could look going forward,” GPSA chief executive Glen Wallace said.

“We will be working with organisations across training programs that interact with supervisors to collect details on the current situation but we would also like to speak to supervisors about their own vision for supervision funding beyond 2021.”

Supervisors willing to participate in a one-hour interview for this project can register here.

A $200 Mastercard Gift Card voucher will be given to participants interviewed as a thank you.

For further information, the project’s scope of works can be downloaded here.


Date reviewed: 06 February 2020

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