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So begins the new era for CPD in Australia

From 2023, all doctors across Australia are required to complete and record 50 hours of CPD each year. CPD activities must include of a mix of:

  • Educational activities (EA) – Activities that expand General Practice knowledge skills and attitudes, related to the GP’s scope of practice; 
  • Measuring outcomes (MO) – Activities that use a GP’s work data to ensure quality results; and 
  • Reviewing performance (RP) – Activities that require reflection on feedback about a GP’s work.

GPSA has now achieved official CPD Provider status with RACGP for both our educational webinars / workshops and our research focus groups / interviews.

While we are being set up in the RACGP CPD Home platform, we are happy to email you a Certificate of Attendance for these activities using the details you provide in your registration and evaluation forms.

Noting that equivalent CPD Provider status is in progress with ACRRM, we likewise offer Certificates of Attendance for this and any other non-RACGP CPD Home in accordance with the details you provide us.

GPSA’s comprehensive range of supervisor and general practice resources also count towards your CPD. You can access these here.

The RACGP has packaged GP supervision activities into a simple, pre-approved format for all GP supervisors.

If RACGP is your CPD Home, depending on your role in supervision, a specific number of CPD hours will automatically be applied for the year.

For example, if you are registered with the RACGP as a primary supervisor of one or more registrars, up to 30 hours will automatically be applied to your CPD.

Secondary supervisors will benefit too, but for a smaller number of hours (we will share this once RACGP provides this information).  

The RACGP also recognises the activities of GPs who teach and supervise medical students as CPD. 

As a GP supervisor you have at least 2 roles. One is as a GP in clinical practice and the other is as a teacher / supervisor. Your role as a supervisor is very important and much of what you do in this role is captured as CPD. 

Your CPD comprises 2 parts: that done to prepare to be a supervisor (modules, workshops) and the supervision you do in practice, week to week, with a registrar.

1.Preparation for supervising and teaching involves:

    • ♦ learning
    • ♦ reading
    • ♦ participation in online modules and workshops

2.The act of supervision involves:

    • ♦ regular reflection on action and interaction with colleagues
    • ♦ case review
    • ♦ deconstruction of clinical decisions
    • ♦ sharing and testing ideas and skills

Date reviewed: 01 March 2023

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