Exploring the financial costs and revenue associated with teaching and supervision in general practice

Teaching practices and supervisors are critical in the delivery of general practice training in Australia. However, recent data from the General Practice Supervisors Australia (GPSA) National Survey indicates that 83% of supervisors feel they are not receiving adequate recognition or remuneration for the investment required to train our next generation of GPs. In addition, the 20% of supervisors who indicated that they were planning to retire in the next five years, cited reasons including frustration with the administrative arrangements and poor financial return, particularly those in smaller practices; suggesting that this may impact the sustainability of our supervisors and teaching practices. In order to address the financial viability of supervision, we need to better understand the costs associated with teaching and supervision in general practice.

We are also currently in an environment where there are many upcoming changes to the general practice training landscape, which may impact on the requirements placed on practices.

GPEx and GPSA are proud to be partnering with the University of Adelaide to undertake this important research study in 2021. The aim of this study is to better understand the financial costs and revenue associated with teaching and supervision in general practice. Early in 2021, we will be seeking a representative group of supervisors and practice managers nationally working in private practices to participate in in-depth interviews, this will be followed by an invitation to a broader group of supervisors to complete a survey.  There will also be opportunities to contribute to costing model validation. We encourage you to participate in this project and share your experience.

With supervisor and practice sustainability already being questioned, it is important for funders to consider how a future model for teaching and supervision in general practice can be developed which is financially viable, and acceptable to registrars, supervisors and practices.

Findings from this study can help inform discussions and decision-making regarding the planning of future registrar employment models and practice payment models.

Information on how you can be involved in this research study will be provided via email shortly.

For more information about the project please email michelle.pitot@gpex.com.au

This research project is supported by The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners with funding from the Australian General Practice Training Program: An Australian Government initiative.

Date reviewed: 07 April 2021

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