October in the rear-view mirror

Even amidst all the chaos of 2022, October has been a clear stand-out.

Starting with the RACGP Crisis Summit and culminating in a media attack on the profession, plus announcement of the NQ Pharmacy “trial” (I have been talking with the Queensland Medical Organisations re this) – and with the RMA22 conference and GPSA’s AGM along the way -, it’s certainly been a wild ride.

Bracketed as it was by reminders of the dire need for professional unity, community respect and systemic change, the ACRRM and RDA conference in Canberra was a welcome symbol of much-needed hope. In this celebration of rural and remote medicine, general practice was a clear winner with GPs and RGs from across the country coming together face-to-face after far too long a wait. Stellar presentations (GPSA’s Dr Samia Toukhsati was responsible for 4 of these) and a great range of exhibitors and events made this an opportunity to re-connect, re-charge, and re-calibrate.
The GPSA team caught up with a terrific number of new and old faces at our booth and the Supervisor Lunch we were delighted to sponsor. For every person we spoke to about their fears for the future of GP training, we met at least three whose optimism and confidence shone through. This is what makes our sector so special.

Our AGM on the first day of RMA22 saw a record number of registered members voting for a record number of candidates, demonstrating how well placed GPSA is to make a significant difference at this crucial time for the profession. We are a bastion of stability in an environment of major change in General Practitioner education, and so very relevent into the future.

New Board
Carrying us into the new era, the Board you have elected brings together a variety of skills, experience and expertise:

and our Appointed Director (one appointed position yet to be filled)

New Trading Name
As we gear ourselves for the current and emerging challenges facing primary healthcare, GPTA Ltd is looking into new opportunities to support the sector more broadly. Accordingly, members were asked to vote in favour of a change from our current trading name “General  Practice Supervisors Australia” to “General Practice Supervision Australia”. As this decision was passed without objection at the AGM, over the coming months you will see the name change introduced through our communications and correspondence, and launched more formally with the new GPSA website in early 2023.

New Constitution
Changes small and big were introduced when our revised Constitution was passed by Special Resolution at the AGM – the biggest and most significant of all being the elevation of practice managers working in training practices from “honorary” to “ordinary” member status. This provides these individuals who are integral to the delivery of quality GP training with voting rights and gives rise to the inclusion of one practice manager among the seven elected director positions.

So now we get to catch our breath for a minute, work on finalising the NTCER review, and start preparing for GPME22 and GP22 in Melbourne at the end of November. We look forward to seeing you there!

Date reviewed: 09 September 2023

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