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Number of players: 




To reach the practice tearoom for a cup of tea and slice of chocolate cake.


The Consultation Game has been developed as a fun way to develop consultation skills for medical students, doctors-in-training, GP registrars and GPs.
Players role-play a range of brief doctor-patient interactions, including history taking, physical examination, giving explanations and safety netting. This provides an  opportunity for feedback and reflection.



Keeping it fresh

To refresh the cards and ensure you are always randomly selecting the next one, use the 2-way arrow beneath the deck before clicking on the facing card.

Keeping to time

All role play scenarios and questions are brief and designed to be completed in 2 minutes or less. We recommend use of a stopwatch, but this is optional.

How to play

The first player to reach the tearoom wins the game and gets the first slice of cake!

Set out the Consultation Game board.

Each player selects a playing piece and places it in the waiting room. Each player spins the wheel and the player with the highest number starts. Players then take turns from left of the first player.

Players progress clockwise round the game board from consultation room to consultation room, spinning the wheel at the beginning of their turn and ‘seeing patients’ or answering clinical questions as they progress.

Aim for that tearoom!

Spin the wheel and use the cue you land on to determine where you go next, noting the corresponding instructions for the cue beside the wheel.

Consultation Skill cards

Consultation Skill cards comprise a short scenario and instruction to undertake a brief role play. All players should read the card together.

The player who has spun the wheel takes the role of the GP, while the player to their left acts the part of the patient.

After the role play, the players should undertake a mini-feedback session, highlighting positive behaviours and things that could be done differently. This concludes the player’s turn.

Clinical Knowledge cards

Clinical Knowledge cards comprise a brief scenario, a True/False or Single Best Answer and Discussion Point question. The person to the left of the player whose turn it is should flip the card and read out the question.

If the player gets the question correct, they move to the next consultation room and continue their turn by flipping a randomly-generated Consultation Skill card.

If the player gets the question wrong, they move back to the room they were in and their turn concludes.

Spin to determine the next move...

Next patient:
    Move forward one room
    Choose a Consultation Skill card

Fit-in patient:
    Stay in same room
    Choose a Consultation Skill card

Other GP sick:
    Go back one room... NOTE: if in room 1, stay there!
    Choose a Consultation Skill card

Next patient cancelled:
    Move forward two rooms
    Choose a Consultation Skill card

Practice nurse query:
    Go to treatment room
    Choose a Clinical Knowledge card

Phone call:
    Go to treatment room
    Choose a Clinical Knowledge card

Date reviewed: 28 September 2023

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