Webinar: The Future of GP Training with RACGP

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On 1 February next year 2023, the RACGP will become responsible for delivering AGPT training to GP registrars. This presentation provides details on how the RACGP are planning to return training to the college and support our profession and communities and how it affects you and new and existing GP registrars. Burning issues are discussed such as practice agreements and supports, supervisor CPD, registrar selection and placement, and more.
Presented by Georgina Van De Water, (MBA, GAICD Chief Transition Officer – RACGP, PLT), Associate Professor James Brown (OAM, FRACGP, FACRRM, DRANZCOG, MFM (Clin) Principal Medical Education Advisor – RACGP) and GPSA CEO Glen Wallace. Use timestamps below to navigate to sections of the video:

1:00 Why is college-led training important to RACGP?
1:39 College-led training overview – 6 elements
4:46 Structure of RACGP model
5:18 Key features of RACGP model
6:33 Grant opportunity guidelines process
7:52 Take-aways for GP supervisors
10:54 Take-aways for training practices
12:00 Other takeaways
14:46 Questions & getting in touch with RACGP transition
15:17 Q: If federal funds fall short, what will be impacted?
19:30 Q: How will the role of the GP supervisor change exactly after transition?
21:51 Q: Will there still be face-to-face CPD for GP supervisors?
24:32 Q: Will the college provide CPD and support for Practice Managers?
26:01 Q: How will practices be promoted as a training location?
29:28 Q: Is there plans to bring the PEP program into line with AGPT supervision payments?
31:16 Q: What is the college doing in terms of learning from GP supervisors on the ground?
32:25 Q: What is the position relating to Nationally consistent payments and linking this to CPI?
34:26 Q: How will colleges collaborate to streamline accreditation processes?
36:42 Q: What will training practice agreements look like?
38:44 Q: What’s the timing looking like for changing contracts?
40:09 Q: When will RACGP opportunities be advertised ?
42:40 Q: Should I put off becoming a training practice or starting GP training as a registrar?
44:14 Q: How will you encourage people into hard to fill locations?
47:37 Q: How will IT systems be streamlined?
49:10 Q: How will new training practices be approved in areas of over supply?

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RACGP Transition to college led training information and feedback:

RACGP Transition team feedback email: transition@racgp.org.au


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