Webinar: Support Your Registrar to Better Manage Patients With Chronic Pain

Product Description

This presentation will give your registrars an understanding of chronic pain management, including the development of a patient-centred, goal-directed plan, using a shared decision-making approach. Presented by Dr Merissa Cappetta. Originally recorded in May 2022. Use timestamps below to navigate to sections of the video:

1:43 Outline
2:24 Rules and regulations
5:03 Practice support for registrars
8:13 ACI: Quicksteps
9:13 Who is the patient?
10:15 Red flags
11:14 Yellow flags
14:07 What could help?
15:51 Pacing
17:11 Considering opioids
18:01 Pain assessment
18:53 Opioid risk tool
20:20 Treatment duration and goals
21:45 Opioid calculator
22:31 Opioid contract
23:43 Review – 6A’s
24:53 Supervisor questions
28:48 Tapering Opioids
29:09 Tapering plan
31:04 DSM-V Opioid use disorder
33:10 Specialist referrals
33:28 Registrar questions
37:58 Supervisor questions
38:36 Stages of change model
39:17 Take home Naloxone
40:34 Real-time prescription monitoring
41:20 Scenarios
46:45 Other resources

Links referred to in Webinar:

ACI Quicksteps: https://bit.ly/3wysshF
Hunter Pain Service – Brainman Videos: https://bit.ly/3llh6IP
Prescribing Drugs of Dependance in General Practice RACGP Resources : https://bit.ly/3sKbXhE
Online fundamentals training: https://otac.org.au/
Opioid Contract: https://bit.ly/3FWsftd
Opioid Calculator: http://www.opioidcalculator.com.au/
Opioid Treatment Program NSW: https://bit.ly/39VLirp
Moving Medicine: https://australia.movingmedicine.ac.uk/
Naloxone – Take home program: https://bit.ly/3lj2r0y
Naloxone – Guide: https://bit.ly/3yK1RRB
NPS Medicine Wise – Pain Management for Consumers: https://bit.ly/3yNGiQ3
Pain Management Network – Pain and Pacing: https://bit.ly/3wnaz6y
Safe Script – NSW: https://www.safescript.health.nsw.gov.au/
This Way Up Chronic Pain Treatment Program: https://bit.ly/3lh8Dq9
DASAS Drug and Alcohol Specialist Advisory Service Ph:1800 023 687
Safe Script NSW Clinical Advice Line Ph: 1800 434 155


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