Webinar: The GP learning ‘road trip’ – taking in practice teaching off the beaten track

Product Description

It’s the start of a new training term and you have a new GP Registrar arrive on your practice doorstep. They have crammed their suitcase with the last five years of Check, AFP, and all the Murtagh texts they can fit in. They think they have all they need to pass their driving test. They can’t wait for you as a Supervisor with an open license to jump into the passenger seat and mentor them on the journey to be great GPs and pass their exams. But, how do you know which route to take to successfully get them to their destination? Have you considered what type of driver they are likely to be? They may be novices but perhaps they are experienced travellers? Do you always default to the roads that you’re are familiar with when perhaps there is a more interesting and efficient route? It can be useful to use a navigation tool if you are going to try out a new path. The GP Study System is one such tool. This webinar will explore alternative approaches to in-practice teaching to enhance GP Registrars’ understanding of the GP domains, whilst exploring the populations, presentations and processes in General Practice. These approaches aim to ensure that the work of ‘driving learning’ lies with the Registrar, leaving the GP supervisor to enjoy the ride.


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