Prepare your practice

Below is an overview of the four simple steps to help you structure the learning environment, which includes tools and strategies to help you prepare your practice for the quality teaching of GP registrars.

This page is for new supervisors and new training practices to support you in the establishment and maintenance of a high quality teaching and learning environment.

In helping you prepare your practice, there are four simple steps to be followed. These include downloading a resource pack with all the required items, self-assessing your current learning environment against what a best practice learning environment might look like, and implementing ‘plug-and-play’ resources, templates, tools, and strategies from GPSA to fill any gaps. Here are some additional links to also help you in preparing your practice for the quality teaching of GP registrars:

Prepare your practice

This document contains  an overview of the process, which includes all the tools and strategies, to help you structure the learning environment so you can prepare your practice for the quality teaching of GP registrars.


It helps you prepare your practice for quality teaching and learning. Published research from the GP supervisor leadership group indicates that a structured learning environment:

  • helps both the supervisor and registrar utilise the whole context to promote learning.
  • provides universality and flexibility, which can support all types of learners, across diverse general practice settings.
  • provides a way to regularly appraise the quality of the learning environment and make ongoing improvements and adjustments.
  • complements existing accreditation requirements and can be used as an accreditation quality improvement activity.
  • makes going through any accreditation or review process much easier.
  • guides organisations like GPSA and the Colleges, in the development of resources to better support quality GP teaching and learning.

The range of resources, tools, and strategies are particularly applicable for new teaching practices and new supervisors. 

GPSA can help you to:

  1. Employ the right contracts, conditions, and position descriptions where teaching & learning roles and competencies are described.
  2. Utilise mechanisms to promote ongoing learning.
  3. Successfully orient a registrar into the Practice; providing social, mental, cultural, professional, and physical safety; utilising the right methods and tools to facilitate identification of learning needs for registrars, and ensuring that you as Supervisors and other teaching staff have the right resources for quality teaching.
  4. Get the most out of your training partnerships and develop strong, communicative, and productive relationships.
  5. Provide effective feedback with the right tools and methods, conduct and record performance management discussions and separate such performance management from discussion related to clinical learning.
  6. Know what infrastructure and resources you need to provide, to enable quality learning for your registrar.

The learning environment

A comprehensively structured learning environment is important to support seamless educational interactions, observations, and mix of learning interventions. It enables GP supervisors to utilise the whole context to promote learning.

GPSA has developed a suite of checklists, tools and templates have been developed by GPSA to guide you through the process of establishing and/or maintaining a quality GP learning environment. Click the button below for more information:

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Date reviewed: 01 September 2023

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