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Interim Report to the Minister for Health, MBS Review Taskforce

The big one that caused all the controversy is the Interim Report to the Minister for Health from the MBS Review Taskforce. This is the one that set off the #justagp firestorm on Twitter.

The controversy was caused by the reference to “administrative GP consults” as “low-value care”.

For a summary analysis of the report, visit the GPSA website

Access the full report here:

The MBS is conducting much of the review via a large number of Clinical Committees. A number of these have already reported and their reports can be accessed here:

You can also nominate to be on a Clinical Committee by emailing the MBS Review Team on the above page.

First Report of the Principles and Rules Committee, MBS Review Taskforce

Who could resist such a catchy title?

This report actually has some plusses in it for general practice.

And another controversy – this is the report that recommends that registrars should complete an online test on the MBS a requirement for obtaining a provider number and that the colleges should “be encouraged” to provide ongoing education on the MBS rules as part of CPD.

Comments can be provided via on online consultation tool:

Consultations close: 7 October 2016


The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) released a Discussion Paper entitled “Options for revalidation in Australia” on 16 August 2016.

The paper is based on the findings of an Expert Advisory Group on Revalidation.

The Discussion Paper and Reports of the Expert Advisory Group may be found at the MBA revalidation website:

Online submissions so far can also be viewed at that page – many of them so far are from anonymous Medical Practitioners and the comments are mostly negative.

The MBA is consulting on this paper until 30 November 2016 around a two-by-two model: two parts and two steps.

The core features of the approach are:

strengthened CPD; and
identifying and assessing at risk and poorly performing practitioners.

The two stages are:

engagement and elaboration in 2016; and
recommending an approach to pilot in 2017

The MBA is taking submissions via:

contributions to an online discussion group, and/or
completion of a short survey; and/or
written submission.

GPSA will be making a written submission to the MBA on this one.

If you would prefer to provide your comments, either identified or de-identified through GPSA, please contact:

Joan Burns, Senior Policy Advisor, GPSA

0472 520 611




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