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Current consultations

AHPRA is currently consulting on amendments to the National Law in order to keep the Law up to date and fit for purpose. In particular, there are specific consultation questions relating to a number of issues including:

If you want to read the consultation paper or make a submission, you can find the links here:


Submissions close 31 October.

A potentially preventable hospitalization (PPH) indicator for general practice

Hot of the press, a consultation paper developed by the AIHW and RACGP was released by the Australian Government on 4 October.

The paper looks at the development of a potentially preventable hospitalization indicator for general practice.

Potentially preventable hospitalization indicators focus on conditions that may be prevented or managed best by general practice to minimise likelihood of hospital admission.

PPHs are used internationally and can be used to look at access to primary health care.

The RACGP’s aim is for a more clinically useful measure that may be better applied to education and performance assessment, targeted interventions for problem areas and performance monitoring.

A potentially preventable hospitalisation has been defined as:

Admission to hospital for a condition where the hospitalisation could have potentially been prevented through the provision of appropriate individualised preventative care and other health interventions delivered by general practice teams.

General practice teams are defined as:

The general practice team consists of all people who work or provide care within the practice. Practice teams are often multidisciplinary, made up of GP leaders, nurses and allied health professionals designed to service the unique requirements of each community.

There are a series of focused questions for feedback.

Find the paper here:


Submissions must be provided via email to the AIHW <PPH_feedback@aihw.gov.au> by 4 November, 2018.

New Medicare Schedule and other educational resource links

The Australian Department of Human Services has updated a number of its educational resources including the 1 July MBS Schedule.

Here are the most recent resource links:

You can find more here:


Aged Care

Department of Health is currently consulting on the Draft Charter of Aged Care Rights. The draft charter outlines these rights as follows:

 I have the right to:

a) receive safe and high quality care and services

b) be treated with dignity and respect and to have my individuality valued

c) have my identity, culture and diversity valued and supported

d) maintain my independence

e) live without abuse and neglect

f) be informed about my care in a way that meets my needs, have access to information about my rights, care, accommodation and anything else that relates to me personally, and get the information I need in a timely way

g) maintain control over, and continue to make decisions about, my care and personal and social life

h) be listened to and understood

i) choose to have another person speak on my behalf

j) complain, and to have my complaints dealt with fairly and promptly

k) exercise my rights without it adversely affecting the way I am treated

l) personal privacy and to have my personal information kept confidential



You can find the consultation paper, draft charter and online survey here:


With a Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recently announced, consultations the Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission are currently being developed.

You can find out more here:


Colonoscopy clinical care standard

A colonoscopy clinical care standard was recently released by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

You can find the standard here:


NHS 2020

The 70th anniversary of the much-maligned NHS was celebrated with a review!

The Lord Darzi Review of Health and Care has delivered a 10-point plan to reorient the NHS into the 2020s and a 10-point ‘offer to citizens’.

Here’s a teaser from the 10-point investment and reform plan:

And from the 10-point offer to citizens:

Read the summary here:


Date reviewed: 31 October 2018

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