2018 is a re-negotiation year for the NTCER.

Thanks to all of those who responded to our quick survey on issues or changes they would like to the next NTCER.

GPSA provided the names of the GPSA Negotiating Team to GPRA and AMA in November 2017.

We are currently awaiting the names of the GPRA Negotiating Team and a log of claims.

We will keep you posted!

AGPT policy review – changes for 2019

The AGPT program reviews its policies annually. There are a number of changes to the policies that GP Supervisors should be aware of with the main ones affecting:

And of course, the addition of a Rural Generalist Policy for the first time.

Get all the details here – the overarching document it the best one to look at for a quick overview.


COAG – Mandatory reporting guidelines changes

No doubt in response to calls from the sector, Ministers agreed to change the legislation to enable practitioners to seek appropriate treatment without fear of their treating practitioners being required to make a notification.

The changes stop short of moving to the full WA model that has been in place since 2010 but is an improvement on the draft.

No doubt the devil will be in the detail! We’ll keep you posted!

Medical Board of Australia – consultation on divulging where you practice.

The MBA is currently consulting on a proposed guideline for informing them about where you practice.

The guideline would apply to practitioners who:

The consultation paper and a survey can be found at:


Survey closes 14 May 2018.

Written submissions close 25 May 2018.

Medical Board of Australia – recent research on older doctors supports Professional Performance Framework

The latest MBA newsletter cites recent research on older doctors (i.e. over 65 years) that indicates they are at higher risk of notifications.

This research is featured in this month’s Research Roundup – read all about it there!



Date reviewed: 31 October 2018

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