The Royal Australian College of General Practitioner’s (RACGP) has today called for stakeholder feedback and input on the first draft of the 5th edition RACGP Standards for general practices (the Standards).

The new edition of the Standards has been developed to support patient safety while keeping pace with the changing environment, reflecting contemporary general practice.

RACGP President Dr Frank R Jones urged all general practitioners (GPs), practice staff and other stakeholders to participate in the consultation.

‘In order for the Standards to best support quality and safety in general practice, they must be meaningful to practising GPs as these requirements will impact on everyday general practice,’ Dr Jones said.

‘This first draft consultation is just that – a draft of what is a multifaceted set of requirements – and it is an opportunity for all involved in general practice to put forward their thoughts and perspectives in order to shape future drafts and the final version.’

Dr Jones said there were a number of key additions and changes to the 5th edition draft which he hoped would bring about some rigorous debate.

‘Some of the new proposed Indicators relate to the use of defibrillators in general practice, documentation of a third party in the patient’s medical record, changes to patient feedback requirements and developing a practice strategy for planning and setting goals,’ Dr Jones said.

‘The draft 5th edition also sees a move towards an innovative Core and Modules structure, focusing on outcomes and patient-focused Indicators.

‘We know some of these new aspects will generate polarising views, which is why feedback is so important.’

The use of defibrillators has been included as an unflagged Indicator in the draft, meaning it would not be a mandatory requirement for all practices however, the RACGP suggests practices consider their inclusion.

Consultation on the first draft will run until 1 April and feedback received will inform the second draft, which will be open to further stakeholder consultation and piloting in May.

The final version of the 5th edition Standards is expected to be officially launched in October 2017.

A copy of the draft 5th edition RACGP Standards of general practices and links to the consultation will be available on the RACGP website on Monday 15 February.




Date reviewed: 22 March 2017

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