Due to the Medicare freeze, GP registrar remuneration has not changed in the new 2017-18 NTCER.

The remuneration levels of base rate and percentages remain the same for all GP registrars (Schedule A).

There are some consistent wording changes throughout the document:

The word “employer” rather than “practice” is used throughout to more accurately reflect the nature of the employment relationship.
GP registrar levels are described as “GPT1/PRRT1” etc to reflect both colleges’ descriptors.
RTPs are replaced by RTOs

There are some other minor changes. These include:

Nature of employment (clause 4)

The definition of GP registrars as employees is referenced to the ATO website, for clarity.

A copy of the employment agreement will be exchanged (rather than ‘should’) prior to the GP registrar commencing.

Annual leave (clauses 6.1 and 6.2)

Annual leave is paid at the base rate of pay and if a GP registrar takes unaccrued annual leave and then terminates employment, the employer is entitled to withhold an amount equivalent to those hours taken.

‘Training Time’ (formerly clause 9.2) has been rolled into ‘Training Requirements’ (section 9) in recognition of the fact that these matters are mandated by the colleges and/or the AGPT program.

Educational release (clause 9.3)

Attention has been given to the issue of fatigue management in the context of educational release in order to make this consistent with clause 16.2 Fatigue management. GP registrars working 38 hours over 4 days and who then are required to attend an educational release day may take equivalent time off in lieu on the day either immediately before or after the educational release day in order to manage fatigue.

Part-time GP registrars will not be paid for educational release if it occurs on a week day that they are typically not rostered to work.

Ordinary working hours for part-time registrars (clause 10.9)

This clause has been simplified so that all conditions apply on a pro-rata basis within the context of meeting college requirements.

SIPs and PIPs (clause 13)

Arrangements for these should now be noted in the employment agreement.

Orientation (clause 15.4)

It is now explicit that orientation must be provided to the GP registrar upon commencement.

Workload (clause 16.1)

This is more explicitly defined as a maximum of four patients per hour, averaged over a week.

Termination (clause 19)

Notice must not be less than one week (down from two previously).

Current National Terms and Conditions 2017/18

Date reviewed: 22 March 2017

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