I attended a GPSA webinar this month about Identifying and Supporting Supervisors in Difficulty. It’s something that is a little unusual. We often talk about registrars at risk but seldom about our own well-being.

Do we discuss as a team the signs of someone who may be struggling and what we can do as a team to support one another? Do we promote avenues of self help and networks to support our work and wellbeing. I can honestly say in my practice: “Not Enough!”, and i know my practice is not alone in this.

While I was attending with a group of my fellow supervisors I was struck by two things:

1.Connecting and decompressing with fellow GP Supervisors makes a difference.

2.As a profession, we don’t look after each other enough.

September has been a BIG month and i think that is reflected in the eNews. You will have seen that:

  • Agreement on the NTCER 2017/18 has been reached.
  • The MBS review taskforce interim report was released.
  • a Twitter Storm #JustaGP was born.
  • RTOs are gearing up for training practice agreement renewals.
  • Training practices are preparing to interview 2017 registrars.
  • RTO accreditation reviews are underway.
  • Clinical Guidelines are changing.
  • AGPT Policies are under review
  • GPTEC, GP16 and RMA16 are upon us.
  • The end of the QI & CPD Triennium is upon us.

Somewhere in there, we work, teach, earn and learn; many of us parent. Is it any wonder we feel tired come this end of the year? Then just as energy levels drop we have an opportunity to reflect. The “RUOK?” Day campaign is an opportunity we must not overlook for a bit of reflective practice on ourselves and our profession.

When someone presents in our practices we know they are not OK; they know they are not OK. When you looked at Twitter this month, you could also see that as a profession we are not OK.

The #JustaGP twitter storm at the very least saw GPs unite in a way that is uncommon. My hope is that we take a moment to pause and consider how we can all support each other more.

GPSA are there as one avenue of support, to connect and generally make your life just that little bit easier. We will be promoting our new teaching resources at GP16 this month. If you are going to be there, drop into our booth and say g’day.

We hope to see some of you at the upcoming GPTA Ltd (T/as GPSA) AGM, 8.30am on 30 September at GP16 (Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre). If you cannot make it, please send in your apologies and a proxy would be most welcome also. For the first time in many years we have more nominees than board positions. The positions are elected by the membership; we hope you avail of the vote afforded to you.

Dr Bruce Willett
Chair GPSA

Date reviewed: 22 March 2017

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