Last month the latest KFP results came out and, as has become common to results week, the GPSA office fielded a number of calls from concerned supervisors. As supervisors, we want our registrars to do well, so when they don’t, not only does it significantly affect them, we feel their pain.

So far 2018 has been a year of action, giving you the tools you need to support in-practice teaching and development of your registrars. We have brought you the supervisory relationship measure – a tool you can use to facilitate discussion and progression of your registrar. We have added the GP Study System cards for use in preparing registrars for examination.

2018 is a re-negotiation year for the NTCER. GPSA are working with GPRA to get this process underway. GPSA provided the names of our Negotiating Team in November 2017. We are, however, still waiting for the names of the GPRA Negotiating Team and their log of claims so we can embark on the next round of negotiations and together we can deliver realistic and sustainable outcomes to registrars, supervisors and practices and stability to the sector at a time of great uncertainty.

We have been providing feedback to the Department of Health Transition team, looking after the AGPT transition to college delivery, in highlighting the challenges faced by supervisors and training practices and the opportunities for efficiency and enhancement throughout the sector.

Support around NTCER, payroll, leave, percentages and employments are just some of what our staff work diligently to get members the very best advice. We continue to provide our membership with free open access to valuable resources with over 50 teaching plans available on our website and a number of online learning modules.  Later this month GPSA will launch the Communication Toolbox including five online learning modules and additional teaching and learning resources. The Toolbox has been developed to assist doctors, particularly those that have trained outside of Australia to navigate the organisational structures and systems in which we work as well as the cultural, societal and communication considerations that contribute to patient care.

GPSA is always keen to hear from our members, feedback regarding any of our resources, webinars, online learning modules or other issues to be considered in the NTCER negotiation would be very appreciated.

Steve Holmes
Chair, GPSA


Date reviewed: 31 October 2018

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