Calm Your Chaos

Overwhelm is the result of trying to do everything and not playing to your strengths. GP supervisors typically teach, employ, mentor, manage, supervise on top of their own patient load.

Then for good measure we also participate in CPD during our own time, squish in family, relationships, cleaning, cooking, research, swimming lessons for the kids… it’s a recipe for breakdown rather than happiness.

Clients of Life Balance Essentials start to breath a little easier knowing that a few of those balls being juggled are being caught and dealt with by a personal assistant who specialises in what is important to you.

Lisa Hawkins specialises in bringing order to other people’s chaos – ensuring everything important to you is just the way you would like it to be, rather than doing your best, alone, and falling short… disappointing yourself and those most important to you.

Lisa offers a discounted trial of the service for new clients to see if what she can offer is of value to you. Dog walking, meals, shopping, gifts, swimming lessons, health, fitness and wellbeing bookings… you name it, Lisa has a solution that will free up your time to be the best GP, mentor, parent, partner and colleague you can be. Find out more about the introductory offer here.

Date reviewed: 26 April 2019

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